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By , June 6, 2012

gold priceJuly 10, 2012 – Investor Eric Sprott makes prediction that this decade will be the “decade for silver.” He predicts silver prices will reach $100 an ounce. “Silver is undervalued”, says Sprott. The ratio of gold price to silver prices is usually 16 to 1. Currently the ratio is is 60 to 1. Over the years the ratio will move back closer to the norm of 16 to 1. Making silver  one of the best buys for the coming years.

June, 2012 – Legendary investor, Jim rogers states that if he had to purchase one metal, he would purchase silver. Jim is invested primarily in commodities as he expects a dollar devaluation. His holdings include: precious metals, commodities and investments in farm land.

June 2012 – Lindsey Williams: Insider to the Elite Bankers Says The End of the Dollar is Near Watch Video

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