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By , September 22, 2012

August 9th, 2012 Update

Foreign countries within the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Spain) as well as foreign mega corporations have rejected trading with the U.S. dollar for the first time in decades. Some countries have been trading in the Chinese Renminbi currency over the U.S. dollar. Which is unprecedented and a huge indicator of impending collapse of the U.S. dollar. In addition, the central banks in South Africa have rejected the U.S. dollar recently and received a 500 million dollar bond issued in the Chinese currency. Is the Chinese currency being setup to become the worlds reserve currency? It looks like it.

silver pricesAccording to legendary investor Jim Rogers, former partner to George Soros, he believes that the Chinese currency will skyrocket over the coming decade. He sees the dollar being destroyed and is invested in the Chinese currency. He says that the only issue to the Chinese dollar is that it is currently under strict foreign currency exchange sanctions. But he expects these sanctions to be lifted eventually to let the flood gates open to allow the currency to ascend in value.

Jim Rogers is currently still in U.S. dollars as he says that it will strengthen in the short term before the collapse. This is due to Europeans getting out of the Euro and moving into the U.S. dollar thinking it’s a safe haven. This is equivalent of moving from the frying pan into a fire. Once the Europeans realize that the U.S. dollar is doomed, they will exit the the U.S. dollar in swarms. This is when we do not want to be in the U.S. dollar and want to have our money investing in hard assets for safety.

Jim Rogers recommends commodities. He is invested in grains and farm land in addition to precious metals. He states that if someone held a gun to his head and asked him to choose whether to invest in silver or gold. He would chose silver. Although he is still invested in gold and says he will buy more if gold price charts and silver prices drop. He says it’s normal to see the reversals we have seen in precious metals since the rise was so fast and severe. He says a 20% reversal is normal and the reversal may not be over yet. We think the reversal is more due to manipulations then a normal occurring reversal by those in power who want to disguise the situation that is happening with the U.S. currency. Keeping those asleep who will surely be in shock one day when they wake up to see their dollar in their bank accounts cannot buy more then a fraction of what it could buy the months before the collapse. View silver prices.

We heed the late Bob Chapman’s advice to get our assets into safety with precious metals. We are waiting to see if more gold price and silver price manipulation occurs before jumping on the bandwagon. Although are watching to see any important information that would change our minds – such as a start of WWIII. Another indicator that may be a sign that we are ready to jump in again is if any derivatives crash is announced. Another indicator that the crash is coming is if there is an interest rate hike. As an interest rate hike would mean a collapsing economy, as the amount to pay back the U.S. debt would become astronomical of the interest rate to pay back this debt would rise.

Recently the federal reserve announced that the U.S. banks will be allowed to hold gold in their reserves in addition to U.S. dollars. The new regulation stated that for the first time in decades banks can consider gold as a zero risky asset. The banks obviously know about the impending dollar crisis and seem to be taking measures in moving from paper dollars to hard assets like gold. They have been slowly buying gold and this will eventually have an impact on gold prices to the upside. The fact that the federal reserve believes that a precious metal such as gold is a zero risk asset is huge. They have complete confidence in future gold price.

The reason why we like silver as our main precious metal of choice is due to the gold confiscation in the early 1900′ during the great depression. Most of us are not trusting our governments and know they are capable of taking any measure to steal the assets of the populace. Many people such as Gerald Celente says you don’t own your gold unless you have it personally with you and not in some public vault, where those in power can steal it with any future regulations. Some people are even holding their gold in storage facilities overseas in Singapore. But for many, storing and hiding close by may feel more comfortable.

We are keeping updated on the news and will post important information for our visitors when we see something important happening. We are interested in navigating these hard times by planning ways to protect ourselves from the fiat debasement. We have belief that the stock market will eventually collapse and do not have any holdings in stocks. Although, we are thinking about gold and silver mining stocks as this industry was the only industry to survive and skyrocket during the crash of the 1930′s. Although with the current manipulation in silver and gold prices we are also aware that the stock prices are also being manipulated. We feel that eventually things will get so out of control with people getting out of the paper currencies around the world that there will be a rush into gold and silver. This will increase gold and silver prices.  This will skyrocket not only coins, but gold and silver stocks as well.

We are watching the signs of the impending collapse and are waiting to get into our favorite silver eagle coins. As well as planning a strategic move with our remaining paper currency into Canadian Dollars and possibly watching the Chinese currency to add a position in that in the future, before the U.S. dollar is completely collapsed. As we stated above, the signs that the collapse is near is derivatives chaos, which can collapse the whole financial system, as well as interest rate hikes. In addition to war.

oil pricesWe will be posting our research on how to invest in the international currencies such as the Canadian Dollar and Chinese currency from a U.S. bank account. We will be interviewing people on the best ways to do this when the time is right. Right now we take a waiting approach as we carefully monitor the crisis as it unfolds. We believing in hedging all your assets. We hedge gold with silver, precious metals with a possible investment in gold and silver stocks, and a hedge against them with some Canadian dollars or Chinese Currency. Our stance may change as we get closer to the collapse. Although we believe that precious metals such as silver is a necessity. Some people such as Jim Rogers are investing in international farm land as well, due to the impending food crisis.

Please bookmark this site to keep updated. Any important news will be posted on our site. We recommend having a stock of several months of storage foods, rice and beans, dehydrated foods, water, camping stove and lanterns. This is due to the current massive solar flares we are experiencing.

We have personally tested the storage foods as Go Foods Global and found it is the only food that is said to be non gmo and tastes delicious. They have trial packs they can send you. We purchased the largest package for our family to be safe. We were recommended this company by a wonderful herbal healer Dr. Marijah Mccain. You can get a free sample of the storage foods and sign up as an IBO member and get further discounts if you decide to purchase. The link to the free trial samples is the last link on the left hand-side menu bar at this site.. here.

The reason why we are stocked up on storage foods and water is because of the suppression of the information of solar flares as well as the impending dollar crash. Scientists have said the chances of an electrical grid failure due to solar flare activity is very high. And because the solar flares will fry electrical appliances, the electricity could take months to come back on again if this does happen. Grocery stores will be closed, our cars will not run, and water from our faucets will not work as well, since the water companies require electricity. Before you invest in precious metals we recommend storage food and water first. View silver prices and gold price charts.

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